Private Art Collector
Toronto, Canada
“I have been drawn to Laura’s unique and diverse style since I first saw her work. One of the things I most appreciate about her work is her heterogeneous styling. It’s so nice to discover an artist that isn’t pigeonholed into one particular genre. To me, this shows true talent because she can express herself so effortlessly in so many different ways. I’ve purchased my fifth piece recently and plan on buying more. I hope she continues on her journey of producing great loft art pieces.”
Charles Moffat
Artist, Colleague
“Laura’s artwork is provocative and forces the viewer to reconsider the human body and how it is objectified. She puts real thought into her artwork, creating works which can appreciated for more than their aesthetic value.”
Sonny Fertile
“We have 2 of Laura’s beautiful works of art hanging in the living room of our home that both mean very much to us on a number of personal levels. One we bought at a showing at her studio that the moment we saw it we looked at each other and knew it was perfect for us as it had a significant symbolic connection to us for something personal that has been a prominent theme throughout our courtship and marriage. And the second piece we commissioned her to paint for us. That one, titled Black 2008 is very special and emotionally moved me to near tears when I first saw it completed. Somehow, through the brief interview we had to discuss some details of what we were looking for Laura captured a dark but still quite serene forward motion, emotional touch points and even our ever changing past and present personalities. We both highly recommend Laura and both her existing diverse portfolio as well as what she will produce for you as a client on a commissioned work.. Beautiful and real art from a real Canadian talent for everyone that wants original works of art hanging on the walls of either their homes or businesses.”
Paul Indrigo
Real Estate Agent
“As the creator of LoftSellers.ca (Toronto’s most interactive loft & loft home website), I have always had a deep connection to the importance of art. Over the years, most of the artists I’ve met did not have the energy I needed to make things happen. Then I heard of Laura’s company, Loft Art Work. Immediately I reached out and said that she may be the ideal fit for my loft owners who, in some cases, never get around to having the right art for their lofts. Shortly after this, Laura was able to help a client of mine being featured in a media story and he was equally impressed. As both a local artist and someone who “gets” loft living, Loft Art Work and Laura will be my main contact for ensuring my clients’ lofts look their best both while they live there and for selling purposes.”
Jon Blacker
“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Laura over the past several years, photographing all of her artwork for everything from printed cards promoting upcoming exhibitions to her web site and other electronic media. Her paintings are being written about and blogged about in an ever-increasing circle and it’s wonderful to see her work getting the recognition it deserves. Of course Laura herself is a vibrant, energetic personality who is exceptionally creative; her work is a reflection of her sprit; colourful, energetic, flowing. Laura’s work is a pleasure to shoot – the colours and textures jump right out of the camera and the images result in a true representation of what her large-scale paintings truly look and feel like in person.”