Resin reigns!!!

Ok, maybe I am a few years late on this whole resin revolution, but I held out as I saw so many original  paintings appearing so very manufactured by the resin rage.

Although the resin gives a powerful ump of colour saturation , I was seeing perfect resin coated paintings that, to me, lacked the personality of original hand made. In other words, not perfect and having that original non manufactured feel.

By this I mean that although the paintings are  well resin(ed)  there are on both pieces several small original what some might call defects, I call character of handmade.

I have learned that resin coated paintings are  extremely difficult to photograph, ( just ask my pro photographer Jon Blacker ) . And even the best photographer ( Jon Blacker) cannot fully capture the incredible depth of colour and hue enhancement that resin delivers to a painting.

Having said that though here is one of the paintings completed this weekend.

Sherbert 1

A close up of the other painting with resin coating is below

sherbet 2web

The colours are magnificent and I am sold on resin coating for some of my colourful abstracts, with the character of original and authentic kept in mind and on canvas.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the day.


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