LOFT ARTWORK on the move… more space required !!

Well it has been a while since my last post and for good reasons I must add.

I have officially subleased my Toronto studio space located in the Distillery District, although I loved the creative vibe and artist neighbours I needed space and lots more of it. Actually not just space for my large works , but the right space to get the large canvas INTO the studio. Ground floor needed and alas my studio space was 4th floor with a 100 year old freight elevator that could not handle anything larger than 8 ft. 

So goodbye space it was great while it worked.


Now the real adventure, challenge, pursuit began. Where and how to find a space that could accommodate all my studio needs, as well as artist needs… like allowing and encouraging creativity to abound. 

So the challenge was on.


industrial like space

main floor 800-1000 sq ft

roll up door

great ventilation

windows and natural light

close to home

near other artists

safe and secure

reasonable price

I have yet to find this dream space, but I am looking high and low and know I will find it soon.

In the meantime I have been picking up the paint brush in my totally converted garage to studio. But due to space I am limited in canvas size. This fact has me working on, what I term small, 4 x 5 ft canvases  (like the one in my temporary studio pictured below)

I am enjoying the process, but I realize my real affection  is the large 8ft and more canvases that allow my to get my artistic “vibe on” so to speak.


So I will keep up the posts ( I will try, how is that ) but really I just want to paint.


Some really big paintings!!




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