testGraphic Arts…an interview with a young talented artist, Greg Ebert.

Graphic Arts has always held a certain appeal to me . Although I am of the  era and age that computers and computer programs were NOT part of my high school experience , I have secretly been drawn to this pixel world of art.

I often wonder about those that are IN the graphic arts world , how did they get there, are they influenced by  the more traditional art world? A computer screen in an office  verses a large canvas in a messy studio, quite different enviroments but creativity is creativity. Right? Right!

Whenever I view any graphic arts I always try to think of what was the inspiration, what steps did it take to get to this .. . it is all very fascinating.

I interviewed a very talented  young up and coming graphic artist from Toronto, Canada, Greg Ebert, and here is what he has to say.

What is your training; what steps did you need to take to get to this stage in your career?

I always took art and design classes in high school just to get the credits. I eventually realized I liked it. So I completed  a 3 year program at Durham College for Graphic Design, The last semester of the course was a internship with a design studio. The same studio I am currently employed with.

How much of your day to day work gets its inspiration from other art disciplines; painting, photography, music?

Being a graphic designer for nightclubs and parties, some days you don’t get the opportunity to sit back and allow yourself to be inspired, you have to rely on your abilities. But sometimes certain projects just need a little more and using different aspects of art to get inspired is the best way to tackle that hurdle.

Is graphic art the new fine art?

I think there’s always going to be a respect for fine art within the industry, just because of the level of skill and patience it takes to complete a piece. I’m not too sure the general public notices or appreciates this anymore. So maybe graphic design is the new fine art, but fine art  will always hold its own weight.

Why did you choose graphic design over another art discipline?

I’ve always been computer savy so it seemed like graphic design was the best direction to go when I started my career.
When I was in college my dream design job was always to do stuff with music, celebrities, pop cultural, cool stuff….. Somehow I lucked out and that was my first job.
But I would love to eventually do something with professional sports.

What is the first web site you hit in the morning?

First thing in the morning before I do anything, I have a few website I jump on to get the creative juices flowing. I always hop on Tumblr.com to check out some cool photography and Behance.com to see some the the featured monthly design work.

What’s your favourite colour?

As a graphic designer I cant pick a favourite colour. My mood, the weather, the project, etc. change my preference frequently. But you cant go wrong with Black!

If you weren’t a graphic designer, what would you be doing?

If I wasn’t a graphic designer I would probably be attending a lot more of the parties and events I currently do work for. As for a career path, I’m really not sure… I never wanted a traditional job in a sense and that is probably how I ended up here.
As I was putting this blog feature  together I thought, I bet Greg would most certainly do the set up and graphics differently. ( and more appealing).. ummm maybe  that would be an interesting project… have the artist prepare the template in which his/her blog feature is posted on.
How to find Greg Ebert and follow his developing career :
photo credit: Jon Blacker