Loft Artwork: The Dive

The Dive Series  Generally speaking I work on large canvas, you know the 6, 8,10 ft and beyond sizes as can be seen on my Loft Artwork website. But every once in a while I get tempted to size down and focus on the details of working smaller. This is exactly what I did with a recent series I completed. Interestingly enough as size was not a … Continue

Resin reigns!!!

Ok, maybe I am a few years late on this whole resin revolution, but I held out as I saw so many original  paintings appearing so very manufactured by the resin rage. Although the resin gives a powerful ump of colour saturation , I was seeing perfect resin coated paintings that, to me, lacked the personality of original hand made. In other words, not perfect … Continue

Working Big Red!!!

Amongst several other pieces on the go, this weekend I am seeing RED!. 4 ft x 8ft canvas with red as the dominate background tone….looking forward to a productive , fun weekend in the studio.   

Experimental visual-musical series has begun…

Imagine Vivaldi’s  Four seasons, allegro , violin start-up is crisp, clean and swift. This series is just that , however using a brush and body movements to capture the sound on canvas. More to come over time ….  till then enjoy the music.

LOFT ARTWORK on the move… more space required !!

Well it has been a while since my last post and for good reasons I must add. I have officially subleased my Toronto studio space located in the Distillery District, although I loved the creative vibe and artist neighbours I needed space and lots more of it. Actually not just space for my large works , but the right space to get the large canvas INTO … Continue