What is Loft Artwork?

Whether my compositions are brush, sprayed, carved, splattered, scraped or poured, the use of texture provides a beautiful raw organic feel that encourages the viewer to linger and visually rove across the canvas.

My paintings are aptly termed “loft artwork”, as they are large in scale, over 4 feet, and the sheer size is the immediate visual link of my collective.

My paintings can be found hanging in corporate, institutional and private collections throughout Canada, USA, UK and Europe. The 3rd season of HBO’s series HUNG also featured some of my paintings.

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Resin reigns!!!

July 7, 2013

Ok, maybe I am a few years late on this whole resin revolution, but I held out as I saw so many original  paintings appearing so very manufactured by the resin rage. Although the resin gives a powerful ump of colour saturation , I was seeing perfect resin coated paintings that, to me, lacked the personality of original hand made. In other words, not perfect and having that original non manufactured feel. By this I mean that although the paintings are  well resin(ed)  there are on both pieces several small original what some might call defects, I call character of handmade. I have learned that resin coated paintings are  extremely difficult to photograph, ( just … Continue

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September 7, 2013

Acrylic on canvas 36 x 48 To purchase please contact the artist 2013