What is Loft Artwork?

Whether my compositions are brush, sprayed, carved, splattered, scraped or poured, the use of texture provides a beautiful raw organic feel that encourages the viewer to linger and visually rove across the canvas.

My paintings are aptly termed “loft artwork”, as they are large in scale, over 4 feet, and the sheer size is the immediate visual link of my collective.

My paintings can be found hanging in corporate, institutional and private collections throughout Canada, USA, UK and Europe. The 3rd season of HBO’s series HUNG also featured some of my paintings.

Latest Blog

Loft Artwork: The Dive

September 20, 2014

The Dive Series  Generally speaking I work on large canvas, you know the 6, 8,10 ft and beyond sizes as can be seen on my Loft Artwork website. But every once in a while I get tempted to size down and focus on the details of working smaller. This is exactly what I did with a recent series I completed. Interestingly enough as size was not a main factor my choice of colour was. Perhaps my artistic side really needs a boxed focus, I am not sure. That would be strange when you consider my works generally are abstract and without boundaries. In fact “Out of Bounds, the Artwork of Laura Warburton” is the title of my catalogue of … Continue

Latest Work

Personal Ad #11

October 1, 2014

Acrylic/Xerox transfer on canvas 10 x 12 in To purchase please contact the artist 2014 The “Personal Ad” series is similar to the 2011 “Untitled” series which received much attention for both it’s artistic merit and social commentary. Each image is presented with the concept that woman are merely numbers, dehumanized, just body parts for the viewing pleasure of others. Each piece is bold, colorful, one dimensional and presented in a pop art way; almost a cartoonish likeness. The Personal Ad series is merely numbered works. There are no titles, no names, no faces or real identity in each. Lending to the thought that these are only body parts, not complete people or individuals. The … Continue